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4 important segments of a safe and comfortable trip

4 important segments of a safe and comfortable trip

When going on a taxi ride, passengers often forget that their safety and necessary conditions are almost half dependent on themselves. What we are talking about: to order a taxi, hit the road on time, feel comfortable in the car and arrive at the right place at the right time, the efforts of just one driver and a taxi service are not enough. The passenger also needs to take care of some factors, which we conditionally divided into 4 segments, which together ensure your ideal trip.

So, let's take a look at the most important tips for passengers that can significantly improve conditions and increase travel safety.

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What to do before ordering a taxi

Thinking about ordering a taxi, you should understand that the information you correctly specified will help to carry it out faster and better. Before ordering a taxi, make sure that:

  • correctly specified the starting and ending address of the path, checked the correspondence;
  • while staying in a closed area, you guaranteed the driver free passage, or indicated a pickup point outside of it;
  • you have chosen the required payment method, because in the future you will change it will not work.

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Things to consider before traveling

Here it is worth discussing the needs of passengers and the necessary travel conditions. Order a taxi depending on what type of transport you need:

  • for a trip in a large company, choose the tariffs "Minivan", "Wagon" or "Minibus" (taking into account the number of people, the class of the car will change), do not order for these purposes a car that is not intended to transport a large number of people — the driver may refuse the service according to the rules of the road;
  • if you are planning a trip with a small child, then choose the “Kids” tariff, it will create the safest conditions for the baby, since a child seat is provided in the car;
  • intend to travel with a pet — choose the "Pet" tariff and make sure that there is a carrier or bedding with a muzzle;
  • you need to transport a parcel of any destination — order the "Delivery" or "Courier" service, we will help with the transportation of parcels up to 20 and 10 kg, respectively;
  • for the transportation of furniture, equipment, tools and other things, you should choose the “Cargo” tariff, it is also possible to use this tariff when moving.

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Directly on the way

When the trip is already in progress, you should not forget that:

  • it is necessary to buckle up, even in the back passenger seat — this gesture will create maximum safety for you, and will save both you and the driver from the fine;
  • it is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the taxi cabin, even electronic types of cigarettes (after you there will be more than one passenger in the cabin, and the unpleasant smell will not come in handy, and it is contraindicated for children and allergy sufferers to inhale it in principle);
  • it is also not recommended to eat and drink in the taxi cabin, you can take a bottle of ordinary water with you, the rest can easily stain both you and the cabin;
  • if, nevertheless, it was not possible to avoid stains and other contamination, you need to clean up after yourself, or pay the driver for dry cleaning;
  • you must respectfully and attentively treat the car that is driving you — the taxi driver will not be able to work if the car is damaged;
  • no need to provoke the driver to violate traffic rules, even if you are in a hurry;
  • the driver can fulfill any of your wishes and requirements, you just need to tell about them.

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End of trip activities

Upon arrival at the desired location, leaving the car:

  • be careful and observe safety measures, not going out in the wrong places and on the roadway;
  • make sure that you did not leave anything in the car, and if this happened, contact the driver (you will find all the data in the order history).

Simple tips, however, if you follow them, your trip will become much safer, more comfortable and calmer. Have a good trip!

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