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The fashion channel is recommended by Shark

The fashion channel is recommended by Shark

Odessa Fashion Channel channel was already interested in our taxi service. And, obviously, the first experience of addressing us left very positive emotions.

This is eloquently indicated by the fact that on the OFC channel there is literally just another video about Shark Taxi

The charming presenter touched upon the most important topic for today: indeed, it is so difficult in our time to find a reliable service that will quickly deliver a car and serve the client at the highest level.
Fortunately, thanks to the application of Shark, the order was carried out literally by a couple of touches of the screen, and the car drove up within five minutes. Needless to say, I got to the destination of the movie heroine even earlier than I planned.
The secret of this service was opened by the driver: the order always arrives at the nearest car, so at any time of the day or night the customer Shark knows that he will not have to wait for it.

By the way, the video touched on another important advantage of our taxi: the bonus system.
Using our services, you will always receive 5% of the amount spent on your personal account. And at any time, when you want to use these bonuses, you can use them instead of your own money.

We want to say a big thank you for this video both on the OFC channel and the presenter personally. We are extremely flattered by this attention and are very pleased that Shark Taxi finds such a response in the hearts of millions of Ukrainians.

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