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New cartoon for children

New cartoon for children

Even more positive and new for our dear drivers and dear customers!

A new cartoon about a small typewriter named Sharkey, who is looking for her calling and very wants to be useful.

The beauty of animation is that the main characters are not people or animals, but cute typewriters with versatile characters. A vibrant, colorful, friendly world is filled with warmth, friendship and cheerfulness. Viewing this fascinating and touching cartoon will undoubtedly cause a lot of positive emotions.

All cars have their own purpose, which they carry out with great pleasure. But what if you are still very young and did not discover your purpose? Correctly — to search, and be sure to find!

Have you already seen a cartoon with our little yellow Sharkey typewriter? Then look!
Watch the releases, share your impressions of what you saw. And of course put hounds!

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