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3 Interesting facts from around the world of a taxi

3 Interesting facts from around the world of a taxi
3 Interesting facts from around the world of a taxi

Do you think that in the world there is no taxi interesting moments? You are wrong: we present you the 3 facts that will surely change your opinion.

The fact that the first

Perhaps the most unusual and exotic taxis can be found in Vietnam. Instead of a stuffy cab four-wheel means you will ride on a very real elephant.
But the Chinese paint their cars so that they looked like a cow.
Klaxon they also tunings so that it sounds like a cow mooing.

The fact of the second

Do you think that Russia, with its price for a trip to 300-400 rubles - Champion in price gouging? Then you should know about the two travelers from Finland, which went through Scandinavia to Spain - and returned home by the same route.
The driver received for this trip fabulous sum: as many as 15 000 dollars.

The fact that a third

Once the mayor of Prague in order to check how the complaints of tourists on local drivers are justified, decided scam, hot favorite even Harun al-Rashid.
He had changed into an Italian tourist, he donned a beard and mustache - and called a taxi. Even though it was necessary to go far, the driver named a price, 5 times the normal fares.
Woe entrepreneur escaped with considerable shock and quite a large fine.

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