Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

Taxi Shark Kharkiv: low cost, quick call

Shark: inexpensive and affordable premium service

Our service is very different from the "classical" companies involved in the transport of passengers.

To begin with, now you do not need to spend valuable time on communication with the dispatcher and endless refinement, which apply machine. Just turn on the app - and it itself will determine where you are. It remains only to specify the destination - and you can prepare for the exit.

After a long wait do not have a car: thanks to a special distribution system orders, a taxi will take approximately 5-7 minutes maximum. Even if you called him late at night.

With this you can choose any class of car, from a low-cost economy to premium class and even roomy minivan, which will save you money if you need to carry a big friendly company.

At the same time we have not only the most competitive rates. We really care about our customers, so a Shark, you can always order a truly perfect option for themselves. Do I have to baby you a special chair, luggage space, the ability to smoke in the cabin or anything else - simply select the appropriate advanced options.

What if you need along the way to make a few stops? No problem: simply enter the additional points - and see how the system will calculate the best route by displaying it on the map.

And, of course, you are always aware of how much the trip will cost. After all, the mobile phone screen displays the exact final price.

And if I prefer to order online?

If you do not have a smartphone or you just at the moment it is more convenient to hand cause the car through the Internet, it is sufficient to use our site.

User-friendly interface allows you to not only get acquainted with tariffs and all the advantages of our company, but an order. And, do it as quickly and inexpensively as using a smartphone.

So if you value the convenience, the most loyal rates and the ability to get the car in record time, at any time of the day - contact Shark!

South - Class on Alekseevka67 uah
Caravan on Heroes of Labor, Heroes of Labor st., 7 - st. Uzhviy Natalia, 6057 uah
Metro University, Sumy Str. 37-McDonald's on the South Railway, Poltavsky Shlyakh street., 58/140 uah
Bus station Gagarina просп. / Центральный вход, Гагарина просп., 22-SZHD, Привокзальная пл., 142 uah
Honey. University / na pr. Nauki, Lenina prosp., 4 - Metro Studencheskaya, Pavlova Akademika Str. 134/1686 uah
French Boulevard Torg.Center, Pavlova Akademika Str. 44B - HATOB / Kulinichi, Sumskaya ul, 2550 uah
Dynamo Stadium, Dinamovskaya Str., 3 - Capri pizza / Friendship of Peoples, st. Friendship of Peoples, 23893 uah
Airport, Romashkina Str., 1-Aurora Hotel, Artema Str., 10/1277 uah
ATB on Klochkovskaya, Klochkovskaya Str. 159 - ul. Buchmi (Uborevich Komandarma), 34A99 uah
Jubilee Avenue, 32A - Akademika Pavlova Street, 44B40 uah
Plekhanovskaya Street, 49 - Growth in New Houses, Zhukova Marshala Ave., 18V60 uah
Application for taxi

The mobile application allows you to order a taxi Shark car at any time of the day just a few touches.

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