Application for ordering a taxi

The mobile application of the taxi Shark allows you to order a car at any time of the day in just a few touches.

Order a long-distance taxi

Today across Ukraine, it seems, there was not a single person left at least once in their lives to leave their home to make a long-distance transfer. That is to go from one city to another.

Moreover, the overwhelming number of residents of our country make such trips at least several times a year.

That’s why almost every taxi service does everything to use its services. Here you also have affordable tariffs, thanks to which everyone can make an inexpensive journey to the destination, and a variety of promotions that reduce the cost of the next trip, and 24-hour service.

But, paradoxically, it is not easy to find a service that is really convenient. The fact is that many services that render transfer services in terms of quality of service are still in the past century.

So, to make a taxi order, you must first find the right phone number, touching cards and flipping through a notebook. And then spend some time to get through to the operator, who is not always well-versed in the streets of your city (which complicates and lengthens the process of ordering the car even more).

Fortunately, the taxi service, which got rid of annoying remnants, is.

Shark Taxi: convenience and comfort

With taxi Shark, to go to any city in Ukraine, you just get your smartphone and download the brand-name free application. And everything: get ready to enjoy the minimum cost of the transfer and maximum comfort!

Simply tap on the icon — and the program will determine your location. It only remains to enter the address, and the program itself will calculate the optimal route and show the exact cost of the trip — to which locality of Ukraine you would go.

Now press the confirm button, and — voila: the map will show the car that is already on its way to you. And you can not doubt: whenever you do not need a car — in the daytime or in the dead of night — it will arrive in a few minutes. After all, we work around the clock!

Your ideal long-distance trip

And what if you need to travel to a long-distance trip with a small child? Or is there a need to report to the boss about a business trip, giving a check with a printed tariff and a kilometer?

With Shark taxi, this is not a problem. Additional space for luggage, hourly pay, roof rack and other options are just a click away. And, of course, you can always choose the class of the car: from an inexpensive economy car to a chic presentable taxi business or comfort class.

And what if you are uncomfortable using a smartphone? It does not matter: it is for such cases on our site that there is a special form completely copying the functionality of the application.

No more searches for the right number, exhausting phone calls, inflated tariffs and long waiting times.

Want to go on a trip, after experiencing a truly high-class service? Download the application from Shark Taxi — and go!

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